The M2A1 sight was designed to compensate for the natural drift of the 40mm grenade. The built-in light sensor dims the reticle during daylight hours and allows for a brighter reticle during night time operations. The M2A1 reflex sight enhances the overall capabilities and usage of the MUSA MSGLs.

  • Full nighttime capability
  • Quadrant grid reticle that assists in quick range estimation, target acquisition and impact adjustment while maintaining sight picture
  • Elevation adjustment in 25 meter increments
  • Automatic turn off feature after 15 minutes of non-use to preserve the battery life


Maximum impact

The MGL-AV140 is the world’s foremost fully qualified 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher system. That can fire the full range of 40mm grenades, and will cover full range of Low Velocity, Medium Velocity, Less Lethal and pyrotechnical grenades.

Made in the USA

AAMI is currently the only manufacturer of the 40mm Multi- Shot Grenade Launcher in the USA. The MGL-AV140 is the only 40mm grenade launcher that is  qualified according to USDOD and STANAG specifications and ISO9001 and AS9100  (NASA) Compliant.  AAMI is currently the only manufacturer of the 40mm Multi- Shot Grenade Launcher in the USA.

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As used by NATO Forces

  • "The possibility to issue the M32A1 and the MGL-AV140 to individual’s soldiers, as either a primary weapon or an alternative support weapon has accentuated the versatility of the weapon. This, combined with the range of ammunition allows for a crucial impact in the theater of operation."

    - Battalion Commander of Special Forces.

  • "Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to want one."

    - CAMP MERCURY, Iraq

  • "The M32A1 and MGL-AV140 are equally suitable for application in the static guarding role such as guard posts, gate control posts, roadblocks, and mobile or foot patrols guarding bases or other facilities. A great advantage is the stopping power by means of the grenade explosion to actually stop or break the momentum of approaching vehicles, trucks, or light armoured carriers and small boats. "

    - Commander Airport Security